ZVerse and Forecast 3D Form Partnership for CAD as a Service — ZVerse 3D Solutions

ZVerse and Forecast 3D Form Partnership for CAD as a Service — ZVerse 3D Solutions

COLUMBIA, S.C. (February 4, 2020) — developer of the only CAD as a Service (CADaaS) platform for digital manufacturing, has joined forces with Forecast 3D, one of the world’s fastest-growing digital manufacturers, to provide ZVerse’s CAD as a Service platform to the manufacturer’s customers.

This strategic partnership will give Forecast 3D customers direct access to the CADaaS platform on the Forecast 3D website. It will make ZVerse’s AI-enabled system and network of certified 3D designers available to customers of Forecast 3D. These design services include creating a 3D file from an idea or 2D image, optimizing an existing file for manufacturing, or scanning an object and creating a guaranteed manufacturable file.

“Customers often hit roadblocks to manufacturing when their files are not manufacture-ready. ZVerse will complement Forecast 3D’s in-house design team, making it even easier for customers to quickly get 100% guaranteed manufacturable 3D files,” said John Carrington, founder and CEO of ZVerse. “Forecast 3D has long been at the forefront of adopting new technology. We are pleased that our CADaaS platform is now among the solutions offered to its customers.”

Carlsbad, California-based Forecast 3D was founded in 1994 by brothers Corey and Donovan Weber. “Customer service is fundamental to the company’s growth and ongoing success,” said Ken Burns, vice president commercial for Forecast 3D. “ZVerse’s CADaaS dovetails perfectly since customers using the service never leave the Forecast 3D online system to gain a seamless customer experience. ZVerse CADaaS helps us earn new customers and decreases our customer acquisition costs.”

Forecast 3D recently made a list of the largest additive manufacturers in the United States. Its services range from its proprietary ProCAST RTV urethane casting process to multi jet fusion, PolyJet, several other 3D processes, CNC, hybrid tooling and injection molding. ZVerse CADaaS can provide guaranteed manufacturable files for any of the processes Forecast 3D offers at the scale needed for one of the fastest-growing digital manufacturers.

About ZVerse:

ZVerse bridges the design gap for digital manufacturers at scale through our AI-enabled CAD as a Service (CADaaS) platform and certified designer network. Our modular solution of services, fully configurable to specific customer needs, aims to disrupt the traditional manufacturing landscape with vast efficiency by providing the fastest path from idea to finished product. To learn more, visit www.zverse.com, connect on or email info@zverse.com.

About Forecast 3D:

Forecast 3D was founded in 1994 by brothers Corey and Donovan Weber, in a small garage with a single machine. Today, with over 45 industrial 3D printers in-house and three facilities, Forecast 3D services companies of all sizes across all industries. Offering a diverse range of additive manufacturing technologies — with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion, FDM (fused deposition modeling), DMLS (direct metal laser sintering), SLA (stereolithography), PolyJet, as well as urethane casting and CNC machining services — Forecast 3D emphasizes their focus on the customer and the quality of parts delivered. In October 2019 Forecast 3D was acquired by GKN Powder Metallurgy, the world’s largest producer of metal powder and parts.

Originally published at https://www.zverse.com on February 3, 2020.