3D printing made easy.

Cloud-based 3D Printing Solutions | Fast, reliable & professional.

3D Content Creation

The LAYR content creation platform is making it easy to turn 2D to 3D.

Product Engineering

We specialize in 3D design of products specifically engineered for 3D printing.

Full-Color 3D Printing

No one knows more about 3D color print production. Our experience and efficiency is unmatched.

"ZVerse's technology, customer acquisition success and portfolio of licensing partners has allowed them to bring 3D printing to consumers clamoring for content that they can relate to."
Scot Wingo Founder, Channel Advisor
"ZVerse’s LAYR technology enables our franchisees to offer high-value, high-margin custom printed 3D solutions to their customers..."
Kelly Kimberlin VP of Business Development, Franchise Services, Inc.
(Sir Speedy, PIP)
“We look for technologies that are innovating this space- that are further accelerating the adoption of things that we think can actually drive graphic communications...ZVerse is one of those key,strategic partnerships that we see great success in.”
Gavin Jordan-Smith VP, Solutions and Production Planning, BIS, Konica Minolta Business Solutions