Why Graphic Designers Should Learn 3D Design — ZVerse 3D Solutions

Why Graphic Designers Should Learn 3D Design — ZVerse 3D Solutions

20 years ago graphic designers were facing another massive shift in their market: the internet. Many graphic designers who didn’t learn web design skills found themselves without jobs. Businesses wanted designers who could not only create graphics, but also the web pages to display them on. 3D design has the potential to leave just as massive an effect on the design industry. So you might want to get prepared.

It’s Not Just Us

We’re not saying you need to learn 3D design only because we’re a 3D printing company. (Well, okay, we kinda are. But we have your best interests at heart — promise.)3D design skills will improve your chances of getting a job in these industries, too:

No, It’s Not Here Yet

There are options for virtual reality headsets (Google Cardboard, HoloLens, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear). Companies are designing augmented reality experiences for advertising, customer education, and more. Walmart is using virtual reality to train employees.And yet, many people still see VR/AR as the realm of tech geeks and gamers. (As they do 3D printing, despite the fact that manufacturing giants such as GE have made it a part of their processes .)But the world is making everything even more instantaneous. It won’t be long before people are using VR/AR to demo a product and then immediately wanting it 3D printed to their specifications.Okay, You’re Convinced. Where Do You Learn This Skill?
 If you already have design experience, learning 3D design may be easier than you’re expecting.You can always buy 3D design software and start teaching yourself ( as is recommended here). Some of the software programs available also offer tutorial courses. And there’s always YouTube.If you’re looking for something more formal (to, say, beef up your resume or because you prefer an in-person class), you should be able to find a 3D design course at your local art or tech school.

3D Design Isn’t Coming — It’s Already Here

If you want to stay on the cutting-edge of design, that line no longer falls with websites and apps. It’s in the 3D world. We want to welcome you in.

Originally published at https://www.zverse.com on September 26, 2018.