2D to 3D for On-Demand MRO

ZVerse 2D to 3D for On-Demand MRO is an automation-assisted reverse engineering solution that rapidly converts legacy 2D part drawings into usable 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) manufacturing assets for service, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) part production.

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Speed time-to-repair.

Industrial enterprise & OEMs leveraging digital manufacturing for service and on-demand MRO part production can maximize equipment uptime with ZVerse 2D to 3D.

On average, equipment spends 30% of its lifetime waiting for repair. By preparing 3D assets ahead of time, parts can be produced on-demand locally with digital manufacturing. As a result, equipment can be repaired fast. ZVerse 2D to 3D is built for supply chain, advanced manufacturing, sustainability, and field service engineers working in the following industries; Aerospace, Appliances, Automotive, Cold Chain, Construction, Energy, Instrumentation & Tools, Marine, Transportation, Utilities, and Waste Management.

Achieve an average 35-50% reduction in project time
to convert legacy part files for digital production.

A lack of 3D assets is one of the largest obstacles to on-demand MRO and service part production.

Speed the legacy file conversion process by eliminating the foundational step of re-drawing or reverse engineering part geometries at current 3D CAD digital manufacturing software standards.

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Auto-Assess Legacy 2D
Engineering Drawings

Scope MRO project
by qualifying parts for conversion

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Auto-Quote for
2D to 3D Conversion

Assess drawing complexity to
estimate project quote

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2D to 3D Conversion

Generate and validate 3D digital
assets from original 2D files

ZVerse digital inventory part library selection options


Select Parts from
Digital Library

Streamline logistics operations
and eliminate physical inventory

ZVerse global digital manufacturing locations


Manufacture On-Demand MRO
Parts Anywhere

Access certified repair parts on-demand
to get equipment back up fast

Directly address right to repair compliance, sustainability, and circular economy goals.

Enhance service and MRO part production programs for legacy equipment.

Maintenance for equipment that is no longer being produced on a viable manufacturing line is a logistics and retroactive reverse engineering challenge; so much so that equipment remains down for 29% of its lifetime. Eliminate overproduction and excess material purchasing, shorten part delivery lead times, reduce program cost, and build a digital library for on-demand MRO that can be accessed by field and repair technicians anywhere with a secure network connection.

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