There are certain architectural designs that are truly unique, and these spaces can be difficult to visualize. KTGY Architect is one such firm that is producing these creative spaces. They knew that there would be difficulty surrounding prospective buyers being able to actively engage with the property before the building was complete. Recognizing that genuine interaction is key in moving people from prospective buyers to home owners, KTGY Architect contacted ZVerse to create that visual medium that would engage their future buyers.
ZVerse took the multi-level condo building, which included garages, and brought it into 3D space. Since this condo building contained so much non-standard architecture that was specific to that building, ZVerse’s design team created most of the design elements from scratch. More than 90 hours of design time went into this project to accurately recreate the unique design and add features to aid prospective buyers in visualizing the space. Some of these features include a color coded floor plan to clearly indicate the separation of different units, prompting our design team to use Full Color CJP for the model’s material. This 14”x 18”model also needed to be produced in pieces due to its size. ZVerse’s designers made the decision to cut the model along the floor plan in order to create the most seamless model possible.
Despite the many hours logged for this project by the design team, ZVerse turned this idea into a reality within a three week timeframe. The resulting 3D model captured the unique design of the condo building and reflected the spacing, colors, and floor plan to help showcase what this building would be. 3D printing is filling in the gap left by blueprints and is helping prospective buyers actively engage with a space in ways that were previously impossible.

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