Red Seal Homes was preparing to construct a multi-family townhouse outside of Chicago. The company wanted to catch the eye of their future home-owners using aspects of the townhouse itself–but how can you sell someone a home that they can’t see? Since the townhouse was not yet built, Red Seal Homes needed a way to share with prospective buyers everything that the townhouse would be, and to be able to do so without merely pointing to blueprints.

Red Seal Homes brought these challenges to ZVerse, and we could tell that the project was of such importance to this company that, despite the distance, we made sure to meet with them in person to discuss the job. After spending time with them, we were able to get a feel for exactly what they needed and the level of detail they required. Using the architectural blueprints they gave us, ZVerse used our LAYR technology to transform those 2D images into a 3D printed model of the yet-to-be-built townhouse, and we were able to deliver the finished product to them within a month.

Zverse personally delivered the 3D printed model to be displayed at the Provenance Ground Breaking Event for the townhouse. The three story, 28” x 18” model was mounted on a 30” x 20” plaque and featured both a removable roof and removable floors so that the detail of the floorplan could be easily seen. ZVerse also included certain amenities in the details—furniture and appliances—to help the prospective buyers easily imagine themselves living in this space, even though it didn’t yet exist.

“The model looks beautiful and really added something special to our event on site.” –Julie Whitley, Architectural Design & Coordination Director