Neville Hall is an iconic piece of Presbyterian College’s past and present. With every living alumni having had class there, it’s a piece of the college every student has ties to. The doors of Neville Hall opened in 1907, though, which meant that this staple of PC life was in much need of renovations. Presbyterian College began reaching out to alumni and others to join the Neville Hall renovation project. PC wanted to give its donors something indicative of the past, but also something that embodied the promise of what was to come. Our solution at ZVerse was to give them a piece of the college.

Presbyterian College provided ZVerse with photos of Neville Hall as it was and architectural drawings of the planned renovations and additions. Using LAYR, our content creation platform, we took the 2D photos and blueprints and combined them to create 3D files of the building as it would be when renovations were complete. The result was 3D to-scale replicas of Neville Hall that held both the nostalgia of the past and the hope of the future. The proposed expansion and renovations were included in this replica, but every alumni and student would still recognize Neville Hall as it stood in their memory. The photos of the building provided ZVerse with everything necessary to focus on details like the brickwork and windows.

The Neville Hall replicas were presented to donors in February 2016 as a tangible reminder of what this project was working towards.