The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, presents the story of how organized crime impacted and shaped the history of Las Vegas, as well as tracing its influence on both America and the world as a whole. This museum focuses on true stories and actual events related to the history of the mob, showing all sides of the story, and does so through interactive exhibits. For a museum offering such a unique experience that focuses on learning through interaction, it is no surprise that they would want to offer a unique and tangible memento to their visitors.

The Event Network Marketing Agency contacted ZVerse on behalf of the Mob Museum, requesting a distinctive item to offer in their gift shop: a replica of the museum itself. ZVerse’s designers took great care to create an accurate and detailed 3D model. The twenty-two finished replicas display the brickwork, windows, and even the line at the ticket booth, all serving as a reminder of the museum and the lessons learned within its walls.