Little Guys Movers opened in 1992 with a simple philosophy that drives their customer relations: “immerse ourselves in the communities we live and work in, and do right by people.” The company strives to make the transition of moving simpler for their customers, and they were seeking to share this vision with others and take the hassle out of moving for them as well.

To reach as many people as possible with their company’s message, Little Guy Movers launched a marketing campaign featuring their brand image—a “little guy” carrying a refrigerator on his back. This little guy would travel the world, so he had to be durable, ensuring that he didn’t arrive at any of his destinations broken or unusable for the photographs needed. He also had to be lightweight for ease of travel. Lastly, he had to be detailed for the pictures that he would be featured in. Little Guy Movers brought these needs to ZVerse, and we used our 3D printing technology to create versions of their mascot that met all of these requirements.

ZVerse’s 3D printed “Mike the Little Guy” is featured on Little Guy Movers’ website and social media accounts. The Little Guy has been all over the world, traveling to places like Muir Beach, Ghirardelli Square, and the Golden Gate Bridge. More impressively, Mike the Little Guy is also the only mover to have gone to space, showing that there are truly no bounds to what is possible—in life, or 3D printing.

To learn more about Little Guys Movers, and see where Mike The Little Guy has been, please click here.