Land Solutions Inc., Southwest Florida’s Land and Commercial Real Estate Professionals, deals with the acquisition and disposition of land suitable for various types of development. Their expertise allows them to take a development project from raw land to a finished home site.

Because Land Solutions Inc. is a leader in the development industry, they strive to use the latest technology available to enhance their business. Thus, they chose ZVerse to create full-color, 3D printed topographical maps of their contracted land.

This project was made simple by LAYR, our 3D automation software. LAYR offers a suite of applications, including the GIS app, that takes geospatial data from satellite images and creates a 3D printable file replicating the selected area of land.

3D printed representations of geospatial data are ideal for visualization of virtual solutions, terrain visualization and analysis, watershed visualization and analysis, oil and gas field visualization, base realignment and hydrologic visualization. These models also facilitate an effective communication medium among stakeholders for conservation management.

Land Solutions Inc. recognized the value in model replicas for their business, and trusted ZVerse to provide the solution. We are the market expert in 3D printing solutions, and would love to share our technology with your business too.