HHHunt Homes is a homebuilder in Virginia and North Carolina who found themselves in need of something more intuitive than blueprints. While blueprints serve their purpose for the builders, they may not always be easy to decipher to the average homebuyer. After all, using a 2D medium to portray a 3D space will always have its limitations. Providing the customer with a tool to aid visualization of a home also provides a certainty that a customer won’t walk away because of miscommunication of the design.

3D printed models can provide a definitive component to an otherwise abstract concept, which is why HHHunt Homes contacted ZVerse about creating two 3D printed models of their homes. Our design team crafted these models in such a way that they could easily be used to show details of each home to stakeholders during the building process. Knowing that the small details are often the most important, ZVerse also utilized the capabilities of 3D printing’s precision to include the differences in elevations that these homes included. ZVerse knows that details make the differe

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