Fort Jackson is the largest Army training center in the country, and it is located in our hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. Being so large, they were in need of a way to illustrate location in a way that went beyond a traditional map. They needed a way to showcase the layout of the Army base during assemblies, assigning and removing markers as needed to demonstrate placement in a 3D space.

ZVerse answered by using LAYR, our 2D-to-3D content creation platform. We engineered six 3D printed scaled massing models from blueprints. Of course, since Fort Jackson asked for a product to help visualize the space, we couldn’t stop there. We took the extra steps to incorporate the detail of the newly renovated rooftops on each building. Even then, the massing models were produced and delivered within a week. Fort Jackson was so happy with the results, that they have commissioned two additional projects since then.

The Army base asked ZVerse to create a full-color 3D map of the entire facility. We engineered this 20” x 20” map to include removable buildings and mounted it on a wooden base.

Fort Jackson also wanted to commemorate one of the oldest buildings on base—their headquarters. This building is being removed and rebuilt, but they wanted to maintain the memory of the vintage building. ZVerse responded by producing a 3D printed replica of the Post Headquarters.