Medical education has always sought to give students a hands-on experience, understanding that a diagram on the page is drastically different than holding a human heart in your hand. Using ZVerse technology and the LAYR content creation platform, ZVerse designed and produced a life-scale cardiac model in full color. The model was created in two parts in order to show the detailed inner anatomy of the heart, including ventricles, atriums, and the muscular tissue. Medical students can examine this true-to-life replica and analyze different facets of the cardiac anatomy by taking it apart and putting it back together again, allowing repeatability in the process—something dissection does not allow.

The ZVerse LAYR technology not only offers a new perspective to future medical professionals, but it also gives previously unattainable opportunities for analysis and pre-operative planning to the physicians of today. We can create an exact replica of an organ from 2D medical images like an MRI or CT scan, aiding in diagnosis, consultation, and patient education—designing and producing these anatomical models in mere hours. Surgeons could prepare for a procedure with more precision than ever before, planning exactly where to go and what to do in real space—not merely imagining each patient’s unique features and problems from a 2D image.