CSi International is a leading manufacturer of steel products, including skyscrapers and professional sports venues. The company was looking for a way to share one of its success stories—their patented Versa-Floor. They had created this modular flooring as a way to speed up the process of building skyscrapers, eliminating the architectural need for crossbeams by letting the Versa-Floor interlink between floors. This interlinking design brought the company’s representatives to the conclusion that the story of the Vera-Floor could only be told in a 3D medium.

CSi International came to ZVerse with this need, and we brought them a solution: 3D printed models of the flooring system to use at their next trade show. We printed these models in full-color and delivered the order of 50 replicas within a week. We also made sure to prominently feature CSi branding on each side of the model so that the product not only tells the story they wanted it to tell, but also showcases the author of that story.