Custom-built and custom-sized items have, for years, been generally hard to come by. The expense of creating a single unique piece has been prohibitive in traditional manufacturing due to the time, effort, and cost to the manufacturer to tool a new machine for a single-use purpose. For five years, Rick Davey continued to hit these barriers of expense or inability of the manufacturer to produce what he needed—until he found ZVerse.

Rick is a hobbyist who builds model show planes. His base plane model was mostly complete, but it lacked an interior. The custom size of the missing cockpit had prevented him from completing this model, but 3D printing has torn down the barriers that kept this project at bay for so long. ZVerse combined base templates of the shell, a few photographs, and our design team’s extensive research to create a highly detailed cockpit for this model plane.

The SLS white nylon ZVerse’s designers chose for this project allows for intense detail in the final product. The time spent researching this particular plane enabled ZVerse to deliver an accurate rendering suitable for addition to the original model. This 1/4 scale corsair cockpit combined the artistry of the designers with the capabilities of 3D printing, showcasing the ability of both to create incredibly detailed custom designs.

“With that I would personally like to thank Luther, (the 3D designer who managed the project),  for his conduct during construction and for his dedication in making a piece of history come to life, and also to the management of Zverse for allowing him the latitude to complete an outstanding example of the model makers art.” – Rick Davey