We bring back our past work with the Georgia Dome to Commemorate its Legacy following the 11/20/17 Georgia Dome Demolition. 

The Georgia Dome has been an iconic piece of Atlanta, Georgia’s downtown since it opened in 1992. The structure is notable for being the largest cable-supported domed stadium in the world, but the building’s impressive resume doesn’t stop there. The Dome has long been the home eld for the Atlanta’s NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons, and has hosted events including the Super Bowl, NCAA Men’s and Women’s Final Four, and even events in the 1996 Olympics.

May 2010 brought the decision to build a new Georgia Dome, hoping to attract the opportunity of hosting the FIFA World Cup and another Super Bowl. The new stadium will sit less than one mile south of the current location, and once the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is built, the Georgia Dome will be demolished. A stadium with such history, though, can’t be left to simply disappear without a trace. The Georgia World Congress Center Authority wanted something that could serve as a reminder of the Georgia Dome and that would do justice to a building that has held such momentous events. They reached out to ZVerse with the desire to create a suitable commemoration of the building and all that has gone on inside: 3D printed replicas of the original facility.

We 3D printed 100 replicas of the Georgia Dome that were given to donors and high-level guests. We also 3D printed 50 larger replicas of the stadium to be used as gifts for sponsors and high-level business executives. ZVerse took these gifts a step further, though, when we decided to customize the replicas for each sponsor. Every replica that went to a sponsor had that company’s logo on the 50-yard line and on the front of the stadium. These detailed and personalized replicas will long be a reminder of the Georgia Dome’s legacy.