The benefits of 3D printing are not merely for businesses solutions or marketing ventures. ZVerse’s user-friendly technology and design team make it simple for individuals to bring unique designs from concept to creation. While the possibilities of 3D printing are vast, one woman wanted to use the capabilities of ZVerse’s technology to create something personal: a Valentine’s Day gift for her husband.

This California couple was in the process of having a beach house built, but there had not yet been any physical progress made—only the designs. This wife contacted ZVerse, wanting to give her husband a 3D printed model of what the house would look like once it was completed. She provided the floor plans and the elevations of the property, and ZVerse’s designers used these to create a 3D model of the house. ZVerse worked closely with our client to ensure that the finished product was designed to fit her specifications, which yielded a model with unique features. The 3D house has three removable parts: the basement and garage; the first floor; and the upstairs patio. The ability to remove these pieces allows for all the house’s features to be easily seen.