ZVerse collaborated with INM Marketing Group to create gifts for the executives of a large Catholic hospital in East Texas.

The hospital’s main campus houses two large bronze statues, The Blessed Mary of Jesus, the Good Shepherd and Presentation at the Temple. Representatives from the hospital wanted to have mini bronze statues made as a gift to the new CEO and other executives, but after some research they realized it would be a long and costly process.

INM, the hospital’s marketing group, brought the job to ZVerse. Our solution was to 3D print 11 replicas of each statue and coat them with a bronze finish. Thus, the hospital was able to have the bronze statues they were looking for at a dramatically lower cost, and with half the turnaround time of typical manufacturing.

Each statue was made using ZVerse LAYR, a 2D-to-3D content creation platform, and the latest 3D technology available.