The University of Missouri opened its outdoor amphitheater, Traditions Plaza, as part of its 175th anniversary celebration in October 2014. The facility, complete with an outdoor stage and time capsule, was built with 13,348 inscribed bricks to cover the construction cost of the $1.5 million project.

Representatives from the Mizzou Alumni Association approached our team to create a Traditions Plaza product that contributors could take home with them. Our solution was a line of 3D printed brick replicas.

When visiting the alumni association website to purchase an inscribed brick at Traditions Plaza, contributors were given the option to also purchase our replica of the inscribed brick for their home or office. Our team also marketed retroactively to contributors who had previously purchased an inscribed brick.

The collaboration between the Mizzou Alumni Association and our team proved to be a huge success. We designed, produced and delivered over 100 brick replicas within a week.