As part of Atlanta’s efforts to revitalize certain areas of the city, one entire city block is being rebuilt. Brasfield & Gorrie are heading up the efforts of this construction, and they wanted a model that would serve as a reference point for the project. They approached ZVerse with the desire to create a 3D model of the entire city block as it will be once construction is complete. Brasfield & Gorrie wanted to use this model both to showcase the project and to have a visual reference throughout the building process and when meeting with architects. They also wanted this model to be large—larger than anything ZVerse had produced before.


Our client wanted the dimensions of this 3D printed model to be 24 inches square and 24 inches tall. This posed a challenge, as ZVerse’s 3D print beds are 10 x 14 inches. Although the 3D printed model had to be produced in pieces, the final product had to look seamless. In order to meet the requirements given to us, ZVerse’s design team began strategically examining and dissecting the design, determining the best way to turn pieces into a cohesive whole. In only two-weeks from the project request to the final product, ZVerse designed several 3D printed pieces that fit together to create one seamless, large-scale model.