The ability to choose what you want and, more importantly, what best suits your needs plays no small part in the home buying process. These decisions, though, become increasingly difficult without the ability to visualize the space. For potential customers of Beazer Homes, this inability to see their customized floorplan was simply not working. With this in mind, Beazer Homes contacted ZVerse.

ZVerse had helped Beazer Homes with a similar problem before, but the customization offered in these townhomes presented new difficulties in visualizing the space to their potential customers. Each townhome offers a variety of choices for their customers to choose between, and blueprints alone lacked the ability to interact with the different possibilities. Beazer Homes sent ZVerse the different floor plans and options for each, as well as textures, color schemes, and other details for rendering an accurate depiction of the outside of the townhomes. Armed with this information, ZVerse set to work designing and creating a 3D printed solution.

It took only four weeks for ZVerse to complete the four different model homes, each with their own unique set of floor plan options and each with details inside, such as the standard appliances that come with the home. These model townhomes have removable floors so that they can be manipulated by potential customers, allowing them to mix and match kitchens and bedrooms as they choose. ZVerse has literally put the ability to visualize a future home in the hands of Beazer’s customers.