Unlike the traditional, assembly-line manufacturing approach, 3D printing invites us to become a part of the 3D design process. With this new capability, companies can create incredibly detailed 3D models to fit exactly what they need; no prior knowledge required.

The Maryland division of Beazer Homes capitalized on this capacity to develop a custom home model for their sales center. Beazer Homes is no stranger to 3D printing technology; multiple branches have reached out to ZVerse with a similar request; and  after the Maryland branch saw the 3D printed models in the Beazer Northern Virginia office, they contacted ZVerse to commission one of their own home offerings.

The model, or Dollhouse, not only highlights specific interior choice options, similar to ZVerse homes across multiple Beazer branches, but each floorplan also combines into a stackable home exterior. The exterior showcases detailed, cosmetic elements like extruded shingles, window shutters and mullions, porch railings, columns, etc.

When we take our model to public sales events, people really like the presentation, and it’s a good tool to explain the floorplan and allow people to move pieces around to get a sense of the model’s depth. Jim Spurrier, Beazer Homes New Home Counselor

Companies like Beazer Homes are taking client engagement further with ZVerse’s 3D Design & Print On Demand Solutions.