Beazer Homes, Orlando


Create four interactive floor plan models with removable choice options, labeling, and furniture.


Full Color Gypsum


Design, Print, Project Manage


Beazer Homes, the 10th largest homebuilder in the US, is escalating their pre-constructed home sales in nationwide development offices using highly detailed 3D printed models. Building on their success, the corporate office recently recommended 3D printing to their Orlando division, advocating ZVerse as a “home-run, with a good package, a good way of marketing, and a good way to present products,” says Charles Pratt, Beazer, Orlando, Planning & Design Manager.

According to Pratt, “people really pay attention to detail’’ because it helps clients “put a connection to what the real model with look and feel like” and “take some of the intimidation out of the home buying process.” In order to deliver the amount of detail and accuracy necessary, the ZVerse 3D Designers collaborated directly with Pratt through the LAYR platform.

Since receiving their floor plans, Beazer Orlando has shown the models at public sales events, as well as in their home office. In addition to marketing the floor plans, the models also aid in rep-client communication in sales meetings.