The difficulty of visualizing a 3D space from a 2D representation can leave many without a full or correct understanding of all that space is and all that it can be. Although a great tool for building, blueprints especially fall short in helping to properly visualize a space and its potential. ZVerse recognizes that this disconnect can leave homebuilders with great plans lacking the number of customers that they truly deserve. With this in mind, we reached out to Beazer Homes’ Corporate Office and sent them samples of our work to show them the potential marketing opportunity our 3D printed models offer.

Beazer Homes had previously been using virtual tours with their clients, but these just weren’t enough. When their Virginia/DC office saw the samples we sent, they contracted ZVerse to create 3D versions of four different floorplans for a multi-level townhouse. Each floor of the townhouse is divided into four units, and they wanted to showcase these specifically. Since they wanted to leave out the exterior and focus solely on the floorplans, ZVerse understood that careful crafting of the interior’s details was going to be the key to these models being an effective marketing tool.

ZVerse brought a deep level of detail to these 3D printed floorplans, showing the scale and square footage of each design in addition to featuring furniture, appliances, and room layouts. Our focus on detail didn’t take away from our timeliness, though, and we were able to deliver these models within a month. Beazer Homes is now using these 3D models in their showroom and sales center just outside of Washington, D.C. and even considering making these 3D printed floorplans mandatory for all of their locations.