Altruism and philanthropy are rare, and they are characteristics that should be celebrated. Donor groups at universities recognize this, and they also recognize that without the gifts of these men and women, the university would not be able to accomplish nearly as much. The Baylor Bear Foundation is one such donor group within the Baylor Athletics Department. The Baylor Bear Foundation sends gifts to their donors as a small thank you for their generosity and their contributions that help the university provide greater opportunities and amenities to their students.

While every donor deserves gratitude, every now and then, one person surprises you with the level of support they provide. John Eddie Williams is one such donor who made a large contribution to the Baylor’s Athletics Department. Because of this, Baylor decided to put his name on the scoreboard of their football field. The Baylor Bear Foundation wanted to provide him with an additional gift—something tangible that he could keep. Creating something unique like this is a costly and difficult task for many companies. Traditional manufacturing techniques require molds or machines to be tooled specifically for the product you want created, so it is often not feasible or cost efficient to produce a single item. This is why the Baylor Bear Foundation contacted ZVerse.

This donor group wanted a single replica of Baylor University’s scoreboard, with the donor’s name emphasized as a thank-you gift to John Eddie Williams. ZVerse’s 3D printing technology can create unique gifts like this without having to craft new equipment, so we can produce one or one hundred items, whereas most companies have a minimum purchase quantity. The Baylor Bear Foundation provided an image of the scoreboard, and ZVerse transformed that 2D image into an exact 3D replica. ZVerse handled everything from the design to the manufacturing of the replica and did so with a two-week turnaround for the project.

Custom gifts such as this replica were once unreasonable to produce, and although they still are for most companies, ZVerse can provide these unique products and make them truly one-of-a-kind.