Barton Malow, a construction services firm, noticed a shift towards 3D printing in their industry, and wanted to test its capabilities in their own company. To do so, the team purchased a small, simple, one-color 3D Printer to test its potential and to garter how 3D printing will benefit their sales and marketing efforts.

Interested in full-color 3D Printing capabilities, Barton Malow contacted ZVerse to create high resolution, multicolored models for a research-oriented addition to the Hershey Medical Center. The ZVerse team utilized their expertise in 3D printed architecture to fully design, 3D print, and customize sixteen, five-inch models for project stakeholders. The roof of a new wing, which Barton Malow will complete in 2021, reads ‘’INNOVATION PAVILION COMING 2021’’, adjacent to their company logo.

As the design and print process progressed, conversations between Barton Malow and ZVerse shifted from project specifics to broader, more consultative topics surrounding 3D printing applications within their company. As the top 3D printer in the AEC industry, ZVerse understands the needs surrounding architects and construction managers, and can act as a consultative asset for Barton Malow. Through ZVerse’s expertise in 3D architecture and launching end to end software solutions, our team produced a comprehensive, informative, and company-specific 3D printing experience for the Barton Malow team.

“We are using 3D printing technology with our owners and design partners to vet design concepts and understand constructibility issues and sequencing of sophisticated construction details.” – Alan Todd, Barton Malow VDC Manager