Education is rapidly becoming a huge market in the 3D printing industry. However, many schools do not have access to, or the budget for, 3D printers. Furthermore, many schools do not have staff that can create 3D printable files.

The ZVerse team wanted to share our resources and knowledge in 3D file creation and 3D printing with Bridge Creek Elementary, a public school in South Carolina’s Richland II district, to bring the power of 3D printing into their curriculum.

We created a project for the 3rd grade art classes. Each class was given a different environment. The students were to work together to create a unique animal that could survive in their given habitat.

After collecting their final drawings, we took the best features of the animals from each class and designed a 3D version of their creature. To the students’ surprise, we 3D printed a full-color model of each group’s animal and gave them to the class to keep. They were amazed that their ideas could be transformed into a physical model.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the collaboration that took place at Bridge Creek. Their bright and creative students were passionate about designing something completely new, and they were blown away when they saw their creation come to life.