ZVerse had the pleasure of working with Source 3, a platform for licensing and distribution of 3D content. Using our content creation platform, LAYR, we created 3D printed album cover art for their client, Epic Rights.

Epic Rights, a global branding and licensing company, represents various musicians including Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Kiss and Def Leppard. The company was looking for a unique way to promote the summer tour of rock legends Journey and Styx.

Our solution was to 3D print the iconic cover art that graced the albums of Journey’s Escape and Styx’ Paradise Theatre. Each 8”x8” full-color album cover was created using the latest technology in 3D color printing.

The album cover replicas, attached to a wooden base, are being sold exclusively on Amazon and will be promoted by Epic Records during the 2016 summer tour of Journey and Styx.