Idea to object overnight.

Turn your ideas into objects without the hassle.

LAYR is the only user-friendly application that lets you create 3D printable content. You can turn an idea into an object starting with nothing more than a sketch on a bar napkin. Of course, if you’ve got architectural schematics or CT data we can use that instead.


Upload reference files

PDF? JPEG? Napkin sketch? Upload whatever you've got and let us handle the rest.

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Our engineers will review your reference materials and give you a competitive 3D modeling and/or print cost.

Get a 3D file or print

After we have created your asset and you have approved, we will upload a 3D file for you to print or we can print it for you.

Key Features

The LAYR platform offers users a unique turnkey solution for 3D printing, eliminating the industry’s challenging content-creation bottleneck.

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