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Our technology & solutions sit at the intersection of
3D designers, on-demand manufacturers & customers

What do we do?

ZVerse develops user-friendly applications that automate the production
of 3D printable content for your business.

Application Development

We create faster, easier, better ways for your business to leverage 3D printable content.


The members of our talented team were hand-picked to overcome unique design challenges so you don’t have to.


Don’t have a 3D printer? Our expert consultants will ensure your project exceeds expectations from idea to object.

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Kick costly handmade models and 2D renderings to the curb. Use LAYR to create a scaled replica from any standard architectural assets, send proposals, and manage workflow.

Commercial Printing

Use 3D printing to grow your business. Create marketing and sales tools, corporate gifts and prototypes for your existing customers. The possibilities are endless.


Do you work for the government? Agencies at any level can take advantage of 3D modeling, print productions, and prototypes.


Make patient consultation and surgical planning easy! Leverage existing CT and DICOM data to create detailed 3D models.

Higher Education

Dust off those pricey printers. Reap the benefits of meaningful 3D content without the steep learning curve using LAYR or our quick print services.


Let us create a physical representation of your idea, test fit and function, tinker for a bit, and then test some more.

See the ideas our clients have brought to life.

Barton Malow Company Stakeholder Gifts

Barton Malow Company Stakeholder Gifts

3D Printed Stakeholder Gifts

Interactive Floor Plan Models

Interactive Floor Plan Models

3D Printed Architectural Models

Learn more about using 3D printing to grow your business.

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