3D Printing for Healthcare

Create colorful, to-scale 3D printed anatomical models.


Turn patient CT scans and MRIs into 3D printed models.


Allow surgeons to prepare for surgery and give patients a better understanding of their procedures.


Receive 3D models within days of uploading 2d assets.

Save Your Hospital Time and Resources Get Started

3D Models Save Time and Resources.

The innovative visualization and 3D interactive technologies made possible by LAYR provide medical professionals access to life-scale, full-color 3D printed anatomical model replicas. By providing the ability to interact with a 3D pre-operative planning model, we are streamlining the 3D printing workflow and enhancing the future of healthcare.

Pre-operative planning with a 3D model allows surgeons to strategize and practice for an operation, even allowing them to try new surgical techniques and prepare equipment well in advance to stepping into the operating room. This cuts the time that patients spend in surgery, saving the hospital a substantial amount of resources.

3D Anatomical Replicas in Days.

Working with ZVerse & the LAYR platform, healthcare professionals can leverage 2D assets that they already have to create detailed 3D printed models. These models are essential to medical professionals for patient consultation, education and surgical planning.

Our patent-pending technology allows us to create more vibrant and durable full-color 3D models in a variety of materials, including powder, plastic, metal and ceramic.

Healthcare Projects We’re Proud Of:

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