3D Printing in Donor Relations

Highly Detailed, Custom 3D Printed Models for Your Key Stakeholders

Give your stakeholders a gift they will remember.

Creating a unique gift to thank your stakeholders and donors is as easy as uploading files you already have. With our patented LAYR platform, we can design and 3D print custom keepsakes like stadiums, plaques, figurines… anything that would fit your company and capture your gratitude in a meaningful way. We can model and print your exact vision, or you can discuss an idea with our designers to create a concept.

Easily create 3D printed Deal Toys and Donor Gifts.

3D Printed replicas are not only more unique and personal than traditional “thank you” plaques or typed cards, they also allow us to create distinct donor gifts at a fraction of the cost and lead time of traditional custom pieces.

Before, personalized gifts probably meant finding individual items for each donor, whereas with 3D printing, you can create one model, then adjust features for individual donors. You could give different colors, alter the design, add a custom message or showcase the recipient’s name- all without having to restart with each piece.

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Featured Case Study

University of Michigan Donor Gifts

ZVerse was approached by the University of Michigan to provide custom gifts for the suite holders at Michigan Stadium. Our team was inspired by the unique spirit of Michigan football, and as a result came up with two gift solutions.

The “Go Blue” banner has been a staple at Michigan football games since 1962, and is one of the most recognizable game day entrances in college football. We replicated this banner into a standing desk ornament as one of two gifts for Michigan Stadium suite holders.

The second gift is a completely accurate, full-color stadium replica fixed on a wooden base. Each of the 90 suite holders received both a stadium replica and desk ornament.

The production of 90 stadium replicas and desk accessories was delivered within a deadline of less than a month. This custom order forged an ongoing relationship between ZVerse and University of Michigan.

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