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Visualizing Your Design is Easy for Your Architecture Clients

By November 14, 2017 No Comments

You’re busy. Your clients are busy.

And that leads to frustrations between you. Your architecture clients don’t want to spend time examining blueprints and plans that they don’t know how to read (or they don’t know how to read well). The time you spend showing them how to read those blueprints could be better spent working on their project.

Is there a better way? Yes, 3D models.

3D models are easy to explain and understand. The models make visualization easy for people who may not be able to figure out exactly how much space the windows take up on a blueprint, but can see exactly how much space that is when looking at a model.

No, you’re probably thinking. Not 3D models. They’re expensive to make – and it takes weeks to get back the finished project.

Traditional models, yes. 3D printed models? You can have your model back in days – and on a far smaller budget.

Your Clients Don’t Know How to Read Blueprints

Accurately reading, and then visualizing, what is on a blueprint is not a common skill. In fact, if you do a search on Google for “how to read blueprints,” you get 32,500,000 results (as of 10/31/2017).

Your clients are relying on you to explain the blueprints thoroughly enough that they understand exactly what is going on in their building project. If you don’t, you end up with unhappy clients and additional work.

3D models are easier to comprehend. You can often show details that aren’t available on blueprints – reducing the time you spend going back and forth when it comes time to choose those details.

And once the project is complete, you can gift the 3D model to your client as a thank you for their business. Don’t you love investments with multiple purposes?

How to Utilize 3D Printing in Your Marketing

The 3D models you create for your clients benefit your business, too. All those reasons you should use 3D models over blueprints and plans apply in your marketing.

Show Off Your Work

Have something really cool that your firm does? You can show it off with models of completed projects.

Or, it doesn’t even have to be something “really cool.” We so often forget that our clients don’t know what we do. Or, they have a very general understanding of it. Use 3D models to explain even the elementary concepts so your clients feel more comfortable working with you.

Use 3D models to create a “physical portfolio” of your work so clients can see exactly how you created a kitchen that feels spacious even though the square footage is tiny or how your design helps the building be more energy efficient.

Use Models to Educate Your Clients

As this Forbes article points out, educating your clients is the key to convincing them to work with you Рand maybe even choose more expensive or time-consuming options for their project.

Take models with you to homebuilder’s shows and other events so your potential clients can handle the models and really examine them and start to understand how your process and design work.

How Can a Simple Model Do All That?

Whether the model is a commercial building or a single-family home, we create designs that “break down” so your clients can see the interior of the building and “walked” through every aspect of the design and construction. Even details such as furniture can be worked into your design.

Check out these past projects:

How ZVerse Makes Ordering Architecture Models Simple

You’d like to go with 3D-printed models, but you have a problem. You don’t have a 3D file – you have plans or a blueprint. You don’t know any 3D designers who can create a file for you, nor do you have the time or desire to hire one.

That’s where ZVerse’s services come in. Where many other 3D printing service bureaus are unable to provide 3D design services, we work with a network of proven designers to get your completed projects back to you within days rather than weeks or months.

Our process is simple: put in your request and one of our representatives will respond to help you get a quote and a strategy for your project.

Help Your Clients and Your Business with 3D-Printed Architectural Models

By simplifying how your clients are able to see their future homes or other buildings, you make it easier to work with your architecture firm. And when your process is simple and transparent, you can increase your sales.