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Reasons Why Homebuilders & Architects Should Use 3D Printing

By September 29, 2017 No Comments

Homebuilding is the perfect market for 3D printing solutions because it increases understanding between businesses and potential clients. Blueprints and architectural plans can be difficult to grasp, and 3D printed models give a client the chance to interact with a physical representation of a structure that has not yet been built.

The challenge with 3D printing is that, in order to 3D print, you need a 3D file. Creating 3D files can be difficult and expensive, but ZVerse has the solution. Our 3D content creation platform, LAYR™, makes this process easy and offers endless possibilities.

Easily Transform Sketches to 3D Models

Use our content creation platform, LAYR,  to easily transform any architectural assets (including 2D renders, sketches, floorpans and blueprints) into a 3D printed model.

Increase Productivity

Reduce time spent creating models by hand by adopting 3D print technology. Hand modeling requires employees to spend months cutting and assembling parts made of cardboard, foam board and Plexiglass. With 3D printing, your model is completed in a few hours.

Increase Design Freedom

Double-curved surfaces and other specific architectural details often require considerable time and are difficult to create. 3D printing an architectural model can execute these highly detailed elements with ease.

Higher Level of Precision

By 3D printing models from STL files, you can ensure an exact to-scale replica without the possibility of human error when building a model by hand.

Study Interaction of Volume and Shapes

A 3D printed model allows you to study a design in a way that 2D renders don’t. To truly understand the impact of volume and shapes in an architectural design, you must view it the way it was meant to be seen— in a physical 3D form.

Make Quick Design Changes

Finding and fixing problems early in the design stage is key to preventing complications in the building process. By 3D printing a model, instead of waiting months to be built by hand, you can spot these mistakes and complications earlier in the design process.

Durable Models

3D printed models are stronger than traditional models and won’t buckle or break over time.

Create a Library of Reusable Designs

3D printing allows you to be more innovative with your model making. When you have repetitive pieces, you can print one as a mold, cast it, and then use the cast to injection-mold the required duplicates.

Effectively Communicate Design

A full-color, highly detailed 3D model increases understanding between you and your client. Renders and blueprints can be hard to understand, but a 3D model gives your client the chance to interact with a physical representation of a structure that has yet to be built.

Sell the Design

Clients are blown away by our authentic, highly-detailed models. Use a 3D printed piece to sell your project in a more unique way. We produce models with removable roofs and stackable floorpans to expose room dimensions, furniture arrangements and appliances.